The concept

After obtaining an International Baccalaureate in Design & Technology, I quickly improved my skills in 3D design and product development. Creating and improving objects from my environment was and still is one of my favorite hobbies.

One of my most beautiful achievements was converting one of my skateboards into a lamp. I am amazed every time I turn it on because it reminds me of all the good times I spent with the board and my friends at the skatepark in Paris when I was still in middle school.

I realized that every skateboard has a different story, and the idea of throwing away these memories is almost emotionally impossible! Therefore, most skaters have accumulated many boards at home, gathering dust without the thought of parting with them.

That's when I came up with the idea 💡of sharing the concept of "recycling" your skateboard into a lamp by creating adaptable lighting kits for all types of skateboards.