¬†ūüõŹ Mounting Tips:

Place the board on a soft surface (bed, carpet, blanket) to not risk scratching ceramic sockets.

‚öôÔłŹ Connecting Cables:

  1. Insert cables through the nearest two holes to the center of your board.
  2. insert the screws with the mounting chain like on the video, and insert them on the grip side of your board.
  3. Connect red cables (either side works).

ūüĒĄ Adjusting Sockets:

After installing the bulbs, the sockets may not be perfectly straight, you can turn them by hand gently.

Troubleshooting Tips

Difficulty fitting connectors? Try pushing and twisting the red connector.
Still facing issues? Use a 5mm drill bit to hand-file the holes.

‚Ěď Need Help¬† ‚Ěď

Visit the support section on the website for assistance.